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ADA-VII Welcome


Held regularly since 2001, the ADA conference series is focused on algorithms and information extraction from astrophysical data sets. The conference program includes keynote, invited and contributed talks, as well as posters. This conference series has been characterized by a range of innovative themes, including multiscale geometric transforms such as the curvelet transform, compressed sensing and clustering in cosmology, while at the same time remaining closely linked to front-line open problems and issues in astrophysics and cosmology.

This year the conference will be proceded by a full week of Tutorials (7 - 11 May 2012) on various topics of advanced data processing.

During ADA-VII one session will be dedicated to advanced algorithms in the astronomical project pipeline. Other sessions will include asteroseismology, exoplanet detection, large scale structures (weak lensing, galaxy catalogs), CMB (source separation, polarization), restoration (map-making, deconvolution, modeling), hyperspectral data analysis, compressed sensing.

The ADA conference is a strongly interdisciplinary conference allowing researchers coming from different fields to interact. We generally have 5 or 6 keynote speakers, who are leaders in their respective fields, half being astronomers and the other half being mathematicians, statisticians or electrical engineering researchers. Each session has at least one invited speaker, and half of the talks are contributed talks.

A full poster session is included in the program, where each researcher with a poster will have a 2 minutes oral talk, allowing for a presentation of himself or herself, presentation of results and an invitation to view the poster.

Note: The Cargèse conference center can host 80 participants during the conference week and 40 participants during the tutorial week.

Contact: ada7.cargese@gmail.com.


ADA7 = 335 € (TTC)

Tutorial = 335 € (TTC)

ADA7 + Tutorial = 600 € (TTC)

Martha P. Haynes, Cornell University, USA (HI Survey, ALFALFA project)
Francois Bouchet, IAP, Paris, France (CMB, Planck project)
Masahiro Takada, IPMU, Tokyo, Japan (Weak Lensing)
Pavlos Protopapas, CFA Harvard, USA (Time Series, periodic variable stars, Quasar Light Curves, etc)
Gabriel Peyre, Paris Dauphine, France (Sparsity, Dictionary Learning, Inverse Problems)
Jalal Fadili, Caen University, France (Optimization, Inverse problems, Poisson noise)
Mike Hobson, Cambridge, UK (Bayesian Astronomical Data Analysis)
G. Jogesh Babu, Penn State University, USA (Bayesian versus Frequentist)
Roberto Trotta, Imperial College London, UK (Bayesian Cosmology, Supernovae, etc)
Enrique Martinez, Inst de Física de Cantabria, Santander, Spain (CMB, Non Gaussianity)
Yves Wiaux, EPFL, Swiss (Compressed Sensing)
Adrienne Leonard, CEA Saclay, France (Weak Lensing)
Benjamin Joachimi, Edimburgh University, UK (Weak Lensing)